Little Indie

from by Peepall

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The screams woke Indie up, he didn't know what time it was
His body was aching and bleeding from many sores
He was confined to the basement but didn't know why
But very soon he realized what the fuck was going on

Indie was fourteen and going through a weird life at home
His dad died for his country, so his mum was in shock
She had a new boyfriend, a thirty year-old drunk chap
He used to hit both of them, nothing important yet

Going back to the story, this is the way all began
Indie turned his head and saw his mum lying on the ground
Her boyfriend was punishing her 'cause of her short dress
Then, Indie knew the situation had gone far enough

The boy took a long rusty metal bar from the floor
Could have been the bar which was used to hit him before
The boy reminded the pain he had put his mum through
In silence, he sent to his mum a message of calm

The harsh man shouted "Don't move, bitch, here I'm the only man!"
Indie went closer to the man's back and rose the bar
Then he said "Hi, dad" and his stepfather turned around
The young boy stuck the bar into the man's portly chest

He drew out the bar and trashed the man's skull full of rage
Indie enjoyed watching the eyes coming out of his big face
His mother screamed "Don't, Indie, stop!", but it was too late
The legend was just beginning, Indie found his role

I think this poor world must know how our psycho was born
So don't go without knowing any detail before
If you're wondering how I know this story's not false
I have to say… I'm little Indie. Now, run. That's all!


from Freneza, released May 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Peepall Madrid, Spain

Rock that will rape your brain!

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